How COVID-19 Changed Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

How COVID-19 Changed Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital marketing strategists were expecting 2020 to be full of new technology and trends but the spread of COVID-19 changed everything even more juristically.

Corona virus forced people to stay home, buy everything online and not leave their homes even for grocery shopping. I think other than fears of this pandemic what we see is the magic of digital world technology. 

Without the technologies we have today including different platforms of social media, online meeting and grocery shopping applications and websites, the shelter in place would have been even more difficult and boring. The good news is we are going to see even more changes and improvements due to the pandemic. Digital Shift Solution as a digital marketing agency in Iran is here to guide you through this roller coaster of change. 

Our digital marketing team in Iran will use the most updated tools and knowledge to create an efficient marketing strategy for our customers around the world. Whether you are starting a brand new website or want to improve your SEO our digital marketing agency in Iran will guide you step by step to achieve the ultimate plan that will be effective for all your needs. 


The very first step is to have SEO-friendly website and relevant content. It can be a bit more challenging for those who want to start an e-commerce and build their own website, because in this day and age there are numerous websites for any topic or product. So if you want to be seen and not be lost among all the competitions you must have an optimized website. Digital Shift Solution is here to improve your website according to new algorithms to attract valuable traffic to your website. 

SEO must become your number one priority. SEO that is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization is the magic that brings you and your customers together. You must update your website’s content according to search engine algorithms so they can recognize your content as informative, engaging and relevant. With a good and strong SEO you can boost up your site’s organic traffic also attract users who are interested in your product or service. To optimize your content for SEO you need to understand how search engines work, content quality, page speed, backlinks, mobile friendliness and many more topics. So it can be pretty complicated. But our digital marketing team in Iran is ready to answer all of your questions.

The very first step is to have SEO-friendly website and relevant content.

Pay Per Click

Our digital marketing team in Iran is also an expert on Pay Per Click campaigns and we help you to gain the most from your promotion investments. Pay Per Click is a good strategy to raise brand awareness because you are the first name that comes up as a search result of one or multiple assigned keyword. Other than receiving a high impression Pay Per Click is the best way to increase your website traffic by choosing the right keywords because 63% of people say they click on Google ads.

Your digital marketing strategy needs optimized social media pages too. It is essential to identify your optimized platform and use it to showcase your products and services in front of an audience who are potential customers. 


For almost all types of businesses Instagram is a powerful and crucial social media platform. Instagram has more than one billion monthly users in 2020 and more than 200 million users visit at least one business page daily. This is a great opportunity for your business to attract the target audience.

At Digital Shift Solution we guide you to create a professional Instagram account and stay updated on algorithms so your page will receive maximum impression. We recommend you to have a visual identity in your Instagram page and posts. This identity can be using your logo in a specific spot on pictures and videos or even have a personalized filter or a color that is consistent in your content.

To increase your followers and their interaction with your page you must have good pictures with an informative and interesting caption. Today, the cell phones with high definition cameras and numerous applications with all kinds of filters and edits enable everyone to become a professional photographer or video maker. Thanks to different tools available on Instagram you can make your page interesting by using swipe up feature in your stories, ask polls in the stories, respond to comments or questions in live and don’t forget the beauty of IGTV where you can share longer than one minute videos. So be creative and make sure you are using all these features. Our digital marketing team is giving you all these ideas to increase the audience engagement which is important for your page to come up on Instagram explore. 

Instagram Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency in Iran

Twitter in 2020

Twitter is a News medium. Content creating is very different here from other platforms but still the key is follower engagement. In Twitter you can improve this engagement through hashtags, retweets, Twitter Chat, picking the right time of the day to tweet and many more marketing strategies that is among specialties of Digital Shift Solution team as well.

Create a unique hashtags for your brand. Remember to use hashtags in your tweets and do not use too many or too few hashtags. Tweet often and retweet your followers’ posts. Remember to share your website link in your tweets. 

One of the unique features of this platform is creating a Twitter Chat. By this chat you can create a great experience with your followers and create a community where they can share their thoughts and comments with you. You can pick a topic and set a date and time. You can create a chat to discuss anything with your customers and followers. 

Twitter has 330 million users monthly and with the right marketing strategy you can catch lots of followers. 

Twitter Marketing. Digital Marketing in Iran


Data shows this platform is still gaining interest as the number of users grew 26%. Our digital marketing team in Iran highly recommends using this platform if your business sells things because the majority of user activities on Pinterest are shopping. Pinterest is the hub to get ideas for remodeling or planning special life events or holidays. What this means is that you need to mainly focus on the visual content. Pinterest is a search engine more than being a News or networking platform. 

We always recommend for all platforms to create a business account instead of a private page. One way to increase your user engagement on Pinterest is to show up on the Related Pins. Related Pins are the similar pins that come up beneath the pin a user taps on and it is a great place to present your product and connect with more audience. Digital Shift Solution team can help you to come up in these related pins by recommending you to use strong keywords and create fresh content regularly. 

Because Pintereset users look for new products and ideas, you do not have to be a well-known brand to get high exposure. 

Digital Shift Solution marketing team recommends you to use strong call to actions, include your website link and promote special offers in your pins to increase your online sales on Pinterest. 

Pintereset Marketing After coronavirus


Linkedin in 2020 remains the main social platform for professional networking and searching for jobs and employees. This platform is used for brand awareness so an updated profile makes a huge difference. Guess what increases your visibility in Linkedin? Yes, user engagement. The best way to get good engagement on your Linkedin account is to get comments on your posts. So you need to post content that is interesting for your followers and as they write more comments on your content, Linkedin will show your post to more people. 

Check your account very regularly and answer all messages and comments. 

Our team at digital marketing agency in Iran has so much experience in optimizing Linkedin accounts and we are here to help you grow your search appearance. Posting text only content is mostly favored by Linkedin algorithms. Hashtags are important on this platform too. Another way to increase your page engagement is to post videos. The types of videos that show how to use your products are very favorable among all social media users and Linkedin is not an exception.  

In 2020 Linkedin is still the number one platform for leaders to communicate with their employees. Linkedin can be used by executives to improve the company’s employee experience and to improve skills and capacity they have in their organization. 

Linkedin Marketing 2020 after coronavirus


Video content has been gaining huge popularity and brands are investing more on this trend for their marketing strategy in 2020. The time users spend on watching video streams is increasing every year. Be a storyteller about yourself or your business. The power of storytelling helps you catch and retain your audience’s attention. 

It might be surprising for some to see YouTube listed here as a social media, but we are telling you it is a social network. YouTube is the video search engine for all questions and it is the most viewed video platform. When producing videos for YouTube we always recommend quality over quantity because your YouTube channel is your library. When people search for content they can still see your videos from months or even years ago. So it is important to produce less videos but with the best quality you can and our team at Digital Shift Solution can help you to bring your videos to the top on YouTube search engine. 

YouTube in 2020 is still the platform for your branding to show people how good you are and why they can trust you and chose you. But keep in mind that YouTube wants your viewer to stay on the platform and not be sent away to your application or website all the time. So do not try to increase your website traffic with every video, we recommend you to do it less often. 

Our digital marketing team has observed that subscribers to your YouTube channel want to see what they have subscribed for. If you are sharing your workout routing and diet plans it is better to stay focused on the topic and do not introduce anything else. You can always create another channel for a new topic. 

Among all kinds of video contents live video streaming attract the highest number of users. Data shows people spent 8 times more time watching live video compare to other videos. Other great YouTube trends for 2020 are unpacking videos and users decide. Unboxing videos are a great way to create emotional connection with the potential buyer and it is a great strategy to make the viewer fall in love with your product. It is always beneficial to ask your audience to decide on next video’s content subject. 

Youtube Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency in Iran

Tik Tok

Tik Tok was the most downloaded application in 2018. With this platform you can target young audience and it is the best place to share your comedy genre content. Tik Tok trends for 2020 are going to be similar as 2019. The leading campaign on Tik Tok belongs to memes. If you create a related and humorous meme in either video or text based format and it goes viral on Tik Tok you will see it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for sure. The highest engaging content on Tik Tok belongs to the posts that are about our everyday life challenges or situations. You can optimize your Tik Tok marketing strategies by creating video clips that gain most views, likes and longer watching time. 

Tik Tok was the most downloaded application in 2019


Facebook has made some changes as we started approaching 2020. Also on Facebook video content is more popular and it receives 135% more organic reach compare to images. 

One great marketing strategy on Facebook in 2020 are Chatbots that let you interact with your customers around the world faster by programing them to answer common questions that will lead into a great customer relation. You must make Chatbots in a simple way so the customer will have a pleasant and personal experience with it. 

Sharing stories on Facebook will remain as a top trend on Facebook in 2020. Stories allow users to share what is happening in real time and it is a great way to keep up with friends.  

facebook marketing -digital marketing in iran

Voice search

Voice search is officially the next hot trend in search engines. Statistics show that 41% of people are using the voice search at least once a day. Studies confirm that 30% of online searching will be through voice searching in 2020. Google’s voice search has made this feature available in more than 100 languages. More interestingly you can talk your emoji by saying “sad face emoji”. By improving machine learning models and advancements in artificial intelligence these numbers will grow sooner than we expect. So it means that one of your digital marketing strategies must be optimizing your website SEO and content for voice search.

Our team at Digital Shift Solution recommends the first step to improve content for voice search is to create content that provide direct answers to specific questions. Reach snippet are one way to help the search engines find your content easily. Keep your website contents especially contact information or business hours updated.

We believe customer satisfaction can be ranked as the most crucial factor for your business. Customer satisfaction is a broad subject and it is not only about quick user experience, but it also takes into account a broader relationship and communication with customer. And you can create this community by having a well-developed website and social media marketing strategies.

Optimize your website, create relevant content, use related keywords and do not forget off page SEO which is the social media. Using all these useful tools and a great marketing strategy you can create a community to get your customers attention and keep it. Digital shift Solution as a digital marketing agency in Iran recommends you to start working on this list today and just send us an email if you have any questions. 

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